“Current Events”

President Ronald Reagan elected 1984: Almost everyone who i have run into in the city of Chicago in the 80s loves Reagan. People call him “the Great Communicator” because he is very charismatic and wildly popular among the common people. He also has a policy called “Regonomics”. This is a system of trickle down economics and loses restrictions on businesses. This economic technique reduces inflation and helps the economy thrive. the long term impact is that Reagan boosted America’s economy and he was one of the most widely liked presidents in America’s history.

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NEW IN TECHNOLOGY!!!:Here in downtown Chicago in the 80s almost everyone has a Walkman. This latest advancement has changes the game. This portable cassette allows the user to play music where ever they would like! For example: jazzercise class, walking around town, riding the bus, VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE!! This invention changed the game for the music industry. This invention also lead to modern advancements like the iphone in the 2000s, which has lead to information being more easily accessed.

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